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Ex-CEO of Roanoke Valley credit union gets 10 months in prison for embezzlement

Kelly Givens was responsible for the collapse of the FedStar Federal Credit Union, prosecutors argued.

Second person arrested for infant's death in Craig County

A Roanoke woman was being held without bond Tuesday.

Roanoke judge dismisses cruelty charges despite dog's death

Female bulldog Cookie and male pit bull Meech were left in a hot truck in a downtown Roanoke parking lot for about 35 minutes last summer.

Roanoke 21-year-old identified as victim of latest reported homicide

Dontae R. Muse, of Roanoke, was pronounced deceased at the scene of the Thursday incident.

Two face drug, gun charges after search warrants executed in Roanoke

The Star City Drug and Violent Crime Task Force, along with members of the city of Roanoke Violence Suppression Unit executed the two narcotics warrants.

Admitted leader of national "swatting" group charged in Roanoke

Evan Strauss was indicted on related charges of sexual exploitation of a child, stalking and possession of child p*rnography.

State trooper facing child abuse charges in Roanoke County

Steven Andrew Thompson, 31, of Roanoke County, was granted a $25,000 unsecured bond the same day he was indicted.

Man apprehended in Ohio and charged with Pulaski County murder

    Howard Love was shot outside a gas station last month, according to police.

    Two reported gang members arrested in Roanoke

      The arrests were part of a narcotic investigation.

      Man charged for Rescue Mission ambulance theft gets 30 days in jail

        Antonio Michael Louis Hill, 34, spent at least 30 days in jail after his arrest. Judge David Carson gave him credit for that time but suspended his driver's license for six months.

        Woman testifies about fight that led to Roanoke County murder charge

          Judge Jacqueline Talevi said Shane Stager can remain out of jailon the conditions of the $55,000 bond he was granted last month.

          Search warrant leads to p*rnography charges in Blacksburg

            Blacksburg police charged a person with four counts possession of child p*rnography and four counts of possession of p*rnography involving sexual contact with an animal.

            Roanoke police identify officers who shot and killed ax-wielding man

              Sergeant M. Mulligan, with 12 years of service, and Officer J. Coles, with five years of service, were involved in the shooting that killed a man Saturday.

              Blacksburg man charged in Huckleberry Trail assaults granted bond

              Judge Robert Turk ordered the man, who has a schizophrenic disorder, to report to pretrial services every weekday morning and take his pill in front of someone.

              Roanoke man charged with midnight stabbing granted bond

              Gregory Alan Jackson, 31, of Roanoke is charged with aggravated malicious wounding in connection with the April 14 incident.

              Roanoke woman convicted in Jan. 6 riots at U.S. Capitol

              Casey Tryon-Castro will be sentenced later, following a 10-day trial in Washington, D.C.'s, federal court that concluded Monday.

              Settlement reached in lawsuit filed by tenant of former Del. Marie March

              The lawsuit claimed that March harassed and discriminated against a disabled woman living in a Christiansburg apartment Mach owned.

              State police identify man shot and killed by Roanoke police

              Travis Tauren Martin, 41, of Roanoke, was pronounced dead at the scene of an officer-involved shooting Saturday.

              Ax-wielding man shot, killed by police in Roanoke after repeated threats

              A man was fatally shot by an officer with the Roanoke Police Department while attempting to serve warrants on Saturday.

              New judge to hear challenge of Virginia's withdrawal from clean-air initiative

              A Floyd-based conservation group is claiming that Virginia illegally withdrew from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

              Roanoke woman convicted of murder has plea deal reversal denied

              "I feel like I was tricked into signing the deal," Charlotte Saunders wrote in a March 22 letter to Judge David Carson.

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              Roanoke police report early Friday shooting

              A man was found shot on Tazewell Avenue Southeast.

              Ciaffone and Thompson sworn in as judges

              Ciaffone will assume a Circuit Court vacancy on the 23rd Circuit and Thompson will fill Ciaffone's vacated Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court position on the bench.

              Man charged with death of infant in Craig County

              The suspect is originally from Louisiana.

              Juvenile arrested in fatal Ferncliff Avenue shooting

              The male teen, who remains unidentified by Roanoke police, is charged with second-degree murder and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

              Teen killed in Roanoke's second unjustified fatal shooting of 2024

              The gunfire incident is the second to kill a teen in the city this year, although police have determined that the first was justifiable.

              Crash report reveals details of fatal Roanoke police pursuit

              The crash report associated with the incident makes no indication that the Roanoke police officer's vehicle ever made physical contact with the decedent's.

              Woman pleads guilty to arson of southeast Roanoke house

              A resident was critically injured in the fire, which destroyed his home, a prosecutor said Wednesday.

              Rocky Mount man indicted on 25 child p*rnography charges

              Luther Henry Wager, 27, was also indicted Monday on two counts of sexual abuse of an animal, according to a news release.

              More Crime

              Roanoke | Crime News (2024)


              Where does Roanoke, VA rank in crime? ›

              With a crime rate of 49 per one thousand residents, Roanoke has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes - from the smallest towns to the very largest cities. One's chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 20.

              What channel is NBC in Lynchburg VA? ›

              WSLS-TV (channel 10) is a television station licensed to Roanoke, Virginia, United States, serving the Roanoke–Lynchburg market as an affiliate of NBC.

              What channel is CBS in Roanoke VA? ›

              WDBJ (channel 7) is a television station licensed to Roanoke, Virginia, United States, serving as the CBS affiliate for the Roanoke–Lynchburg market.

              What channel is Fox in Roanoke, Virginia? ›

              WFXR is the third station to occupy channel 27 in Roanoke.

              What is the least violent city in Virginia? ›

              VIENNA, VA — Towns outside Virginia's cities were ranked the safest, according to crime statistics analyzed by SafeWise. Purcellville was ranked No. 1 for the state's safest community.

              Why is the Roanoke crime rate so high? ›

              Homicides are declining nationally but Roanoke has a record number of killings. City leaders are trying to figure out why. The city has empaneled a special commission to study the causes. Among the factors: lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and a history of racial injustice.

              What channel is ABC in Roanoke? ›

              Stations for Roanoke, Virginia
              Display ChannelDigital ChannelNetwork
              10-434.6Start TV
              WSET-TVLYNCHBURG, VA
              99 more rows

              What channel is local NBC in Roanoke VA? ›

              WSLS 10 is the NBC affiliate serving Southwest, VA.

              What channel number is ABC in Virginia? ›

              WVEC (channel 13) is a television station licensed to Hampton, Virginia, United States, serving the Hampton Roads area as an affiliate of ABC.

              What is the population of Roanoke Lynchburg DMA? ›

              Roanoke / Lynchburg, VA is in the 70th largest DMA in the United States, with a population of approximately 1,006,160 and 458,320 television households, as reported by Nielsen Media.

              What channel is the CW in Roanoke? ›

              WWCW-TV (physical 20, display channel 21) is the CW-affiliated station for the Roanoke/Lynchburg television market licensed to Lynchburg, VA.

              Is Fox a free to air channel? ›

              Free-to-air networks in the U.S. can be divided into five categories: Commercial networks – which air English-language programming to a general audience (for example, ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox);

              What is the racial of Roanoke VA? ›

              In 2022, there were 1.99 times more White (Non-Hispanic) residents (56.6k people) in Roanoke, VA than any other race or ethnicity. There were 28.5k Black or African American (Non-Hispanic) and 3.56k Two+ (Non-Hispanic) residents, the second and third most common ethnic groups.

              What is Virginia ranked in crime rate? ›

              The list, compiled by U.S. News and World Report as part of its Best States rankings, places Virginia as the No. 8 safest state based on rates of violent crime and property crime per 100,000 residents, with 209 violent crimes and 1,456 property crimes per 100,000 as of 2020.

              Is Roanoke a nice area? ›

              Roanoke is a beautiful town and the community is incredibly kind and welcoming! I have love being a part of the Roanoke community. Roanoke is a small city nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountain foothills.

              What is Roanoke city VA known for? ›

              The city's most visible attraction is the Roanoke Star, a 100-foot-high illuminated steel and concrete structure, which has been a beacon at the top of Mill Mountain for many years. It stands as a "symbol of the friendliness, industrial and civic progress of Roanoke."


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